Running events in Barcelona (2023)

Running events in Barcelona (2023)


To save you time, and help you find your perfect running event in Barcelona, I made an overview of all the events this city has to offer. I hope it will motivate you to join and enjoy (at least) one of them!

Exploring the running scene in Barcelona

When I moved to Barcelona pre-summer this year I was not aware of the amazing running facilities this city has to offer. After diving into the runners’ scene in the past months I found out, they are simply amazing. Whether you are an experienced long-distance runner, or you are a starting runner that wants to start his running career with a first 5 kilometer run. There is a running event available for everybody. All year round. Let’s go and dive into what is possible!


Why join a running event in Barcelona in the first place?

Joining a running event in Barcelona, Spain, can be an exciting combination of fitness and sightseeing. This city offers a variety of events, from casual runs to challenging marathons and ultramarathons. The friendly, high-energy atmosphere created by the city’s sporty residents makes each event an amazing experience.

Runners in Barcelona can enjoy a scenic run through the city’s hotspots, like the Sagrada Familia, the Gothic architecture in Gottico, or simply along the beach’s boulevards. A few annual highlights include the Barcelona Marathon, the festive Cursa de la Mercè, the massive Cursa El Corte Inglés 10k, and the Barcelona Trail Races. Each offers a memorable running experience that embodies the charm and spirit of Barcelona.

Running events in Barcelona, an overview (updated 27-05-2023)

NameDescriptionDateDistance (km)
Cursa Moritz Sant AntoniA traditional running race in Barcelona, reaching its 44th edition in 2023​.22 Jan 2023​10
Salomon RunA run that offers 'trail running' to everybody, on the Montjuich hill​​.16 Apr 2023​10, 5
Cursa de El Corte InglésThe most popular running race in Barcelona, departing from the city centre and running up to the Olympic Stadium​​.7 May 2023​10
Mou-te per l’Esclerosi MúltipleA run that donates the fees to the Multiple Sclerosis Association and uses the Montmeló F1 facilities​1​.7 May 202310, 5
Cursa de MercèA public athletic race held annually as part of the La Mercè festival.17 Sep 202310
Cursa CompanysThis run starts and finishes at the Olympic Stadium and runs on Monjuich hill​1.15 and 16 Oct, 20238
Cursa Bombers 10k RunA popular annual 10k run in Barcelona.22 Oct 202310
Carrera de la Mujer (Women’s Race)A race particularly run only for women, organized to raise donations for fighting breast cancer​1.12 Nov 2023
Cursa Jean BouinThe oldest popular running race in Spain, offers different racing options: 5k, 10k​.26 Nov 202310
New Years 10k Run Barcelona - Noses Run - San Silvestre La Cursa dels NassosA 10k run to celebrate New Year's in Barcelona.31 Dec 202310
Barcelona Half MarathonAn annual half marathon event in Barcelona.11 Feb 202421
Barcelona MarathonThe annual marathon event in Barcelona.10 Mar 202442

Let’s start and have some fun!

Choosing an event. Preparing for an event. Improving a previous time. Making sure you do not get an injury while training.  There is a lot you have to take into account before running an event, and starting can be challenging. However, running an event is a lot of FUN. 


If you need an experienced helping hand in joining one of these events, feel free to reach out to me by clicking the button below.